Meet The Massage Therapists

 sylvia 2014  Sylvia Constable, LMT, graduated  from the Onondaga School of Massage Therapy on 2002, and is licensed by the State of New York as well as nationally certified.  She successfully completed 1,000 hours of training.  Those hours included myology, anatomy and physiology, pathology, and neurology.  She also completed a hands-on portion of school which included treatments, Swedish techniques, pregnancy, sports and shiatsu.  She has also completed 100 hours of hands-on clinic experience working with a wide range of clients in a professional manner.  She has furthered her training by studying with James Waslowski, a national and international authority in the medical profession and with Thomas Meyers who is a leading authority in massage technique known as Myofacial Meridians.  Her goal is to provide each client with the massage which meets each individual’s needs. In 2006, Sylvia studied ETPSSM Electrotherapeutic Point Stimulation under Dr. Bruce Hocking, who was nominated “Physician of the Year” by the World Congress of Acupuncture, in Asia, 2001. ETPSSM Therapy is now being recognized throughout the medical field, as suggested by the inclusion into the American Academy of Pain Management’s 6th Edition of Pain Management: A Practical Guide for Physicians, published in December, 2001.

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